Just hours after the start of the trial of the “access fee” in Venice, an important news emerges for visitors who wish to explore the lagoon city without having to stand in long lines online or go to dedicated counters.

We anticipate: from tomorrow, April 25, 2024, people will take the access ticket Venice tobacco shop. Let's find out the details.

Compare access ticket Venice tobacco shop

access ticket Venice tobacco shop

Vela spa, a company appointed by the City of Venice to manage the communication and sale of the access fee, announced that it has reached an agreement with Servizi in Rete 2001, a company of the Italian Tobacconists Federation.

This agreement will make it possible to purchase the Venezia tabacchino access fee at all of the more than 30,000 PuntoLis tobacconists in Italy, thus offering a convenient and widespread solution for visitors from all parts of the country.

Great innovation that simplifies everything for tourists

This innovation follows closely on the heels of the municipal resolution of March 19, which introduced the possibility of also purchasing the access ticket Venice tobacco shop, thus overcoming the initial requirement for online booking.

This new purchase method makes the sale of the access fee similar to that of other access ticket Venice tobacco shop, such as tickets to museums or sporting events, providing greater flexibility and convenience for visitors.

Access ticket Venice tobacco shop: partnering with City Hall

The partnership between the City of Venice, through Vela spa, and the Tobacconists Federation is further strengthened with this initiative, which has already been active for years for the sale of local public transport tickets.

PuntoLis tobacconists throughout Italy will be issued QR codes to be shown in case of controls, thus ensuring a simple and secure purchase process for visitors.

Access ticket Venice tobacco shop: final considerations

Thanks to this innovative collaboration, the experience of visiting Venice becomes even more accessible and convenient for all its visitors.

The ability to purchase the Venice access ticket directly from tobacconists is a significant step toward making access to the historic city easier, making travel to Venice a more enjoyable and uncomplicated experience.

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