Venice is set to host the 50th Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the European Hotel Managers Association (EHMA), an event that marks a significant milestone for the association that represents more than 400 hotels in Europe.

From April 12-14, the Excelsior Venice Lido Resort hotel will be the stage for three days of celebration, reflection and planning for the future of European hospitality.

50th anniversary of EHMA in Venice: A celebration of past and present successes

EHMA has been instrumental in fostering friendship and a collaborative spirit among European hotel managers for half a century.

With more than 440 members from 23 European countries, the association has forged lasting bonds and helped set standards of excellence in the hotel industry.

50th anniversary of EHMA in Venice, challenges and opportunities: The central theme of the 50th AGM in Venice

This year's main theme of EHMA's 50th AGM in Venice, "Human Capital and the Engagement of Young Professionals in Hospitality," reflects EHMA's commitment to shaping an inclusive and sustainable future for the industry.

At a time when recruiting and training young talent are critical challenges, the association aims to identify innovative solutions and effective strategies to address these issues.

Recognition of excellence: Awards and honors

During EHMA's 50th anniversary in Venice, several awards will be presented to celebrate commitment and success in the European hotel industry.

These include the prestigious "European Hotel Manager of the Year," which recognizes the outstanding leadership and accomplishments of an EHMA hotel manager.

In addition, the "EHMA Hans Koch Lifetime Achievement Award" will honor industry veterans who have contributed significantly to the growth and development of the hotel industry.

Educational program and networking: Investing in the future of hospitality

The event will also offer a comprehensive educational program, with working sessions, presentations and discussions led by industry experts.

Through networking and experience exchange, participants will have the opportunity to deepen their knowledge and make valuable new connections.

Cultural and social experiences: Beyond the general assembly

In addition to EHMA's official 50th anniversary activities in Venice, participants will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the rich culture and history of Venice.

Guided tours of iconic sites such as the Peggy Guggenheim Collection and the San Marco area will provide a unique experience of discovery and learning.

EHMA's 50th anniversary in Venice: conclusion

EHMA's 50th AGM in Venice promises to be a memorable occasion to celebrate the past, address current challenges and inspire the future of European hospitality.

With a shared commitment to excellence and innovation, the association is preparing to lead the industry to new horizons of success and prosperity.

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